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Humic Acid Products

We have utilized Humic Acid products in our liquid and dry fertilizer programs since 2012 with great success.  Humic acid products we sell are derived from leonardite ore.  The leonardite ore is 70% humic acid with low salt content.  Humic acid is an oxygen rich carbon that can be used in many different ways to improve your soil and the return on investment of your fertilizer purchase.  Click on the Soil Biotics logo below to learn more about humic acid.

Soil Boost GR
70% Humic acid

Soil Boost GR is a 70% humic acid product that is granulated to a size particle to mix with dry fertilizer.  We use soil boost to increase the efficiency of the fertilizer in your blend.  These products also improve soil structure and increases the nutrient carrying capacity of your soil.  Click the picture to learn more.

Moss Humic Urea with B&Zn

We treat all of our urea nitrogen with the Moss Humic acid nitrogen stabilizer prior to field application in the spring.  Todd Zehr of Soil Biotics makes us our own version of his Urea Boost product that he uses in his OS 46 treated urea product.  We add boron and zinc to our humic acid treatment since these micronutrients are limited in our soils.  Click on the logo to learn more about the treatment. 

Growth Supplement 30

Growth supplement 30 is a high grade 30% fulvic acid product that is made from plant derived fulvic acids.  We utilize Grow 30 as a nitrogen stabilizer and a nutrient chelator to increase plant uptake.

PHK 100 - Insecticide Box grade 70% Humic Acid

PHK 100 is a dry granular product to be applied thru planter insecticide boxes.  This granule contains Soil Biotics proprietary carrier blended with humates, providing a quicker release of organic acids.  This product enhances root growth, nutrient uptake, and water holding capacity.

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