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2023 Corn after Corn Test Plot Results

We put our 108-116 day Dekalb corn hybrids to the test with corn after corn planting conditions to better understand hybrid disease and stress tolerance.  The plot had 230 lbs of total N applied from Humic treated Urea.  We also used our 100% ortho 6-18-6 in-furrow starter at 4.5 gallons at planting with Xpedient Plus Insecticide (bifenthrin).  We also banded Soil Biotics PHK 100 Humic acid at 10 lbs/acre thru the insecticide boxes.  The plot was not sprayed with fungicide to show hybrid tolerance to foliar diseases.   Tar Spot was recorded in all hybrids on August 21st with four hybrids showing early plant death from the infection. 

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